Story of game God of War 2

God of War 2 is AN action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and revealed by Sony laptop recreation (SCE). initial free for the PlayStation two console on March thirteen, 2007, it’s the second installment within the God of War series, the sixth chronologically, and therefore the sequel to 2005’s God of War. the sport is predicated on Greek mythology and set in ancient Ellas, with revenge as its central motif. The player character is protagonist Kratos, the new God of War UN agency killed the previous, Ares. Zeus betrayed the Kratos, the King of the Olympian Gods, UN organization strips him of his godhood and murders him.

Slowly dragged to the Underworld, he’s saved by the Titan Ge, UN agency instructs him to seek out the Sisters of Fate, as they’ll permit him to travel back in time, avert his betrayal, and take revenge on Zeus. The gameplay is analogous to the previous installment.It centers around the combo-based battle that is accomplished through the player’s principle weapon—Athena’s Blades—and auxiliary weapons noninheritable all through the game. It options gait events that need players to quickly complete varied game controller actions to defeat stronger enemies and managers. The player will expend to four supernatural attacks and a power-enhancing ability as different combat choices. the sport additionally options puzzles and platforming components. Compared to its precursor, God of War 2 options improved puzzles and 4 times as several bosses. God of War 2 has been acclaimed together of the best PlayStation two and activity games and was 2007’s “PlayStation Game of the Year” at the Golden Joystick Awards. In 2009, IGN recorded it in light of the fact that the best PlayStation two round ever, and each IGN and GameSpot consider it the “last curtain call” of the PlayStation two period.  In 2012, complicated magazine named God of War 2 the most effective PlayStation two game of all time. it absolutely was the popular game within the Britain throughout the week of its unharness and went on to sell four.24 million copies worldwide, creating it the fourteenth popular PlayStation two game of all time. God of War 2, together with God of War, was remastered and free on Gregorian calendar month seventeen, 2009 as a part of the God of War assortment for the PlayStation three. The remastered version was re-released on August twenty eight, 2012 as a part of the God of War heroic tale, additionally for the PlayStation three. A composition of the sport was revealed in Feb 2013.

Combat in the God of war 2

Kratos’ main weapon could be a combine of blades hooked up to chains that square measure wrapped round the character’s wrists and forearms. known as Athena’s Blades (also called the Blades of Athena) during this game, they will be swung objectionably in varied maneuvers. because the game progresses, Kratos acquires new weapons—the Barbarian Hammer, the Spear of Destiny, and sporadically, the Blade of Olympus—offering various combat choices. though Kratos begins the sport with Athena’s Blades and also the magic ability Poseidon’s Rage (both at most power), the blades’ power is reduced and also the magic is relinquished once AN encounter with Zeus (Poseidon’s Rage are often regained by getting an explicit urn). like previous games, Kratos learns to burn up to four charming talents, like Typhon’s scourge that acts as a bow and arrow for distant targets, giving him a spread of how to attack and kill enemies. alternative new charming talents embody Cronos’ Rage, Head of Euryale, and Atlas Quake. The special ability Rage of the Gods, featured within the previous game is replaced by Rage of the Titans; in contrast to the previous game, the trend meter—which permits usage of the flexibility—does not ought to be full so as to use the ability, and may be switched on and off at can.

Kratos retains the relic Poseidon’s spear from the initial installment, and gains new relics; the good luck charm of immortal, the sheepskin, and Icarus’ Wings, every being needed to advance through sure stages of the sport. as an example, the good luck charm of immortal slows time, however this doesn’t have an effect on Kratos and permits puzzle-solving which will not be achieved in traditional game time. The good luck charm of immortal has restricted usage before eager to be recharged (which happens mechanically and is delineated by the good luck charm of immortal Meter). The sheepskin deflects enemy projectiles back at the enemies (used to unravel sure puzzles). Icarus’ Wings permits Kratos to glide across massive chasms that can’t be crossed with traditional jumping.

This game’s challenge mode is termed the Challenge of the Titans (seven trials), and needs players to finish a series of specific tasks (e.g., kill all enemies while not being attacked). The player could unlock bonus costumes for Kratos, under-the-table videos, and construct art of the characters and environments, as rewards, additionally as usage of the talents found within the urns throughout the primary playthrough. Completion of every problem level unlocks extra rewards, as will aggregation twenty eyes from defeated cyclopes. A new mode, known as Arena of immortal, permits players to line problem levels and select their own opponents to boost their skills.

Story of the God of war 2

The brutal someone Kratos returns because the new revengeful God of War. The second chapter of the series focuses yet again on a tale of revenge. Having defeated Ares and currently a god himself, Kratos proves to be a additional vicious and power-hungry god than Ares ever was. Eventually he finds himself betrayed, together with his godly powers and talents aloof from him. Kratos sets upon another epic quest to seek out the Sisters of Fate and do what no mortal or god has ever done: modification his destiny and reclaim his power.

Like its precursor, God of War 2 is associate degree action game with platforming and puzzle-solving components. Still utilizing the Blades of Chaos, Kratos should rip apart his enemies and and alternative gods, heroes, and monsters from the Greek myths that stands in his thanks to revenge and power. As before, the upper the jazz band achieved from killing associate degree enemy, the additional red orbs are going to be awarded to Kratos for upgrades. Kratos encompasses a choice of spells that utilize the blue orbs. Some ar acquainted from the previous game, whereas others ar new the sequel and its plot line.

In addition to the action and lightweight puzzle-solving, Kratos takes to the sky within the sequel with some rail-based flying levels on the rear of either a Pegasus or mythical monster. He additionally learns many new talents for combat similarly as for resolution the puzzles within the game, like as an example the power to bog down time.

Included with the sport may be a second disc that has such bonus options as deleted levels, the voices of God of War 2, the sheet music, and a documentary concerning transfer the sport to life.

Kratos, the new God of War[N 1], continues to be haunted by nightmares of his past and is shunned by the opposite gods for his harmful ways that. Ignoring Athena’s warnings, Kratos joins the Spartan army in associate degree attack on Rhodes, throughout that an enormous eagle suddenly drains a large chunk of his powers and animates the Colossus of Rhodes. whereas battling the sculpture, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Mt. Olympus, a mighty blade that Zeus had wont to finish the good War, requiring Kratos to infuse the blade with the rest of his godly power. though currently human, Kratos defeats the Colossus however is mortally wounded. The eagle reveals itself to own been Zeus right along, UN agency states he was forced to intervene as Pallas Athena refused to try to to thus. Zeus then grants Kratos a final chance to be loyal to the gods, however Kratos refuses. Zeus kills him with the blade and destroys the Spartan army.

Kratos is slowly dragged to the Underworld, however is saved by the Titan Ge. Ge tells Kratos that she once raised the young Zeus, UN agency eventually betrayed the Titans as revenge for the cruelty inflicted on his siblings by Zeus’ father, Cronos. She instructs Kratos to seek out the “Sisters of Fate”, UN agency will alter time, stop his death, and permit him his revenge on Zeus. With the help of Pegasus, Kratos finds the den of Gaia’s brother mythical creature. jailed beneath a mountain, mythical creature is angry at the intrusion and traps Pegasus, forcing Kratos to explore on foot. Kratos encounters the Titan Prometheus, UN agency is bound in mortal kind and tortured at Zeus’ directive for giving hearth to man. Prometheus begs to be discharged from his torment, thus Kratos confronts mythical creature to steal his charming bow. He blinds the large Titan with it to flee then uses it to free Prometheus, UN agency falls into a fireplace and dies, finally freed from eternal torture. The ritual killing releases the facility of the Titans that Kratos absorbs, victimisation it to free Pegasus then fly to the Island of Creation.

Just before reaching the island, Kratos fights and kills mythical being to awaken the big stone Steeds of Time—a gift to the Sisters of Fate from Cronos in an endeavor to vary his own fate—which grants Kratos access to the island. There, Kratos encounters and defeats many foes, a number of whom-themselves are seeking the Sisters of Fate, as well as associate degree undead version of his recent foe the Barbarian King, the mythical monster Euryale, Perseus, and Icarus. He eventually encounters the jailed Titan Atlas, UN agency at the start resents Kratos for his current predicament[N 2]. when Kratos explains his intent, Atlas reveals that Ge {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} alternative Titans also look for revenge on Zeus for his or her defeat within the world war. Atlas additionally reveals that the Blade of Mt. Olympus is that the key to defeating Zeus and helps Kratos to achieve the “Palace of the Fates”.

After evading traps and defeating additional enemies, as well as the Kraken, Kratos encounters associate degree unseen foe, unconcealed to be a loyal Spartan soldier additionally in search of the Sisters. Before he dies, the soldier informs Kratos that Zeus has destroyed city in Kratos’ absence. Outraged, Kratos is any intended and frees a phoenix, riding the creature to the Sisters’ defense wherever he confronts 2, Lakhesis and Greek deity. when they refuse his request to change time, Kratos battles them. throughout this, the Sisters try and modification the end result of Kratos’ battle with Ares, however Kratos kills them each, then confronts the remaining Sister, Clotho. He kills her victimisation her own traps, and acquires the “Loom of Fate” so as to come back to the purpose at that Zeus betrayed him.

Kratos surprises Zeus, seizes the Blade of Mt. Olympus, and at last incapacitates him. Pallas Athena intervenes and implores Kratos to prevent, as by killing Zeus, he can destroy Mt. Olympus. Kratos ignores her and tries to kill Zeus, however Pallas Athena sacrifices herself by impaling herself upon the blade, granting Zeus’ escape. Before she dies, Pallas Athena reveals that Kratos is really Zeus’ son. Zeus was afraid Kratos would usurp him, even as Zeus had taken his own father, Cronos. Kratos declares that the rule of the gods is at associate degree


God of War 2 was discharged inend, then travels back in time and rescues the Titans simply before their defeat within the World War 1. He returns with the Titans to the current, and also the gods watch as their former foes climb mountain peak. Kratos, standing on the rear of Gaea, declares that he has brought the destruction of Mt. Olympus.

North America on March thirteen, 2007, in Europe on April twenty seven, and should three in Australia. it had been discharged in Japan on Oct twenty five by Capcom, underneath the title God of War 2: Shūen no Jokyoku (ゴッド・オブ・ウォー2 終焉への序曲). The North yankee version was packaged in an exceedingly two-disc set. the primary disc contained the sport, and also the second disc was dedicated to the game’s development, as well as a diary of the game’s production.The European/Australian PAL version was discharged as 2 totally different|completely different} editions: a single-disc customary edition and a two-disc “Special Edition” with different box art and a bonus optical disk. On April half-dozen, 2008, it became on the market within the PlayStation two line of Greatest Hits. Upon unharness, the sport was illegal within the United Arab Emirates because of “one topless scene”.

Upon unharness, God of War 2 was commercially flourishing in multiple markets. In North America, it sold-out 833,209 copies by the tip of March 2007, doubly as several copies because the next-best commercialism game. it had been the popular game within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland within the initial week of unharness. It sold-out over 1,000,000 copies within the initial 3 months once unharness,and in Gregorian calendar month 2012, Sony according it sold-out quite four.24 million copies worldwide.

The game and its forerunner, God of War, were discharged in North America on Nov seventeen, 2009 as a part of the God of War assortment, that includes remastered ports of each games for the PlayStation three platform, with upscaled graphics and support for PlayStation three Trophies. It became on the market in Japan on March eighteen, 2010, Australia on April twenty nine,and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on April thirty. The “God of War 2 Bonus Materials”—content enclosed on the second disc of the initial North yankee PlayStation two version—was enclosed with the retail version of the gathering. God of War assortment was discharged as a digital transfer on the PlayStation Store on Christian holy day, 2010, and was the primary product containing PlayStation two software system on the market via transfer. PlayStation and subscribers will transfer a one-hour trial of every game. The bonus materials, however, don’t seem to be enclosed within the digital transfer version. A PlayStation Vita version of God of War assortment was discharged on might half-dozen, 2014.By Gregorian calendar month 2012, God of War assortment had sold-out quite two.4 million copies worldwide.On August twenty eight, 2012, God of War assortment, God of War 2, and God of War: Origins assortment were enclosed within the God of War adventure story underneath Sony’s line of PlayStation Collections for the PlayStation three in North America.

Awards and accolades won by God of war 2

Both IGN and GameSpot take into account God of War 2 to be the “swan song” of the PlayStation a pair of era. In 2007, it had been awarded “PlayStation Game of the Year” at the 25th annual Golden Joystick Awards, and UGO awarded it “PS2 Game of the Year”. At the 2007 Spike game Awards, it had been a politico for “Best Action Game” and “Best Original Score”. At the twelfth Satellite Awards, God of War 2 received the Outstanding Platform Action/Adventure Game award. At the 2007 British Academy of Film and tv Arts (BAFTA) game Awards, God of War 2 received the “Story and Character”and “Technical Achievement” awards, and was a politico for “Action and Adventure”, “Original Score” and “Use of Audio”. In 2009, IGN named God of War 2 the best PlayStation a pair of game of all time—five prior its forerunner. In Nov 2012, advanced magazine named God of War 2 the simplest PlayStation a pair of game of all time—where God of War was named the eleventh-best—and additionally thought-about it higher than its successor, God of War 2.


A sequel to God of War was initial titillated at the tip of its credits, that expressed, “Kratos can Return”.God of War 2 was formally declared at the 2006 Game Developers Conference (GDC). God of simulation Director David Jaffe stepped down and have become the artistic Director of its sequel. God of War’s lead animator Cory Barlog assumed the role of Game Director. In Associate in Nursing interview with laptop and Video Games (CVG) in Gregorian calendar month 2006, Barlog aforementioned that whereas acting on the primary few drafts of script, he studied the mythology extensively. He aforementioned that the mythology is therefore massive that “the real problem is choosing things that actually match at intervals the story of Kratos furthermore as being straightforward to swallow for audiences.” though he loves the concept of teaching things through storytelling (in this case Greek mythology), Barlog aforementioned, “you cannot let your story get over-involved by that.”He aforementioned that within the game, players would see “a larger read of Kratos’ role at intervals the mythological world.” He conjointly aforementioned that he likable the concept of a trio, however there have been no plans “as of straight away.”

Like God of War, the sport uses Santa Monica’s Kinetica engine. Senior combat designer Derek Daniels aforementioned that for God of War 2, they were basing the charming attacks on components (e.g., air and earth). He aforementioned the combat system was updated so it flowed swimmingly between attacks and switch between weapons and magic. He aforementioned that they were operating for an analogous balance of puzzle resolution, exploration, and combat seen within the initial game, and that they used components that worked therein game as a base for the general balance. in contrast to God of War wherever magic had atiny low role, Daniels aforementioned that for God of War 2, their goal was to form magic Associate in Nursing integral a part of the combat system and to form it a lot of refined. Barlog aforementioned the sport would feature new creatures and heroes from the mythology, and he needed to place a lot of boss battles in it. Commenting on multiplayer choices, Barlog aforementioned that “there ar prospects for that however it’s not one thing we have a tendency to do straight away.” He aforementioned that he felt that God of War may be a single-player expertise, and though multiplayer “would be cool,” it failed to attractiveness to him to figure on. As for a PlayStation transportable (PSP) installment, he aforementioned that he thought it “would be freaking awful,” however not one thing he had time to figure on and it had been Sony’s call whether or not or to not create a PSP installment.

In Associate in Nursing interview with IGN in Feb 2007, Barlog aforementioned that his goals for God of War 2 were to continue the previous game’s story, expand on many components, and to feature a lot of epic moments as critical cinematics throughout gameplay. He aforementioned there have been several additions to the sport, however they failed to take issue greatly from the fashion of the previous game. Set-pieces and enormous scale epic moments were reworked “so that every battle you have got very feels epic and distinctive.” Barlog conjointly hinted that another sequel would be made; he aforementioned, “The story has not however been completed. the tip has barely begun.”

In another interview with IGN, each Jaffe and Barlog aforementioned that they failed to read God of War 2 as a sequel, however rather a continuation of the previous game. Jaffe aforementioned that they failed to need to incorporate the number variety 2 (II) within the title for this reason, however they failed to need the title to convey the impression it had been Associate in Nursing growth pack. each Jaffe and Barlog aforementioned that the rationale God of War 2 appeared on the PlayStation a pair of rather than the PlayStation 3—which was free four months before God of War 2—was as a result of “there’s a a hundred million individuals out there that may be ready to play God of War 2 as presently because it launches.” Barlog assured that the sport would be playable on the newer platform, that had PlayStation a pair of backwards-compatibility.

Four of the voice actors from the previous installment came back to play their roles, as well as Terrence C. Carson and Keith Ferguson, World Health Organization voiced Kratos and also the boat captain, severally. Linda Hunt came back because the utterer, World Health Organization was discovered to be the Titan Ge, and Carole Ruggier came back in her final registration of the character Athene. each Paul Eiding, World Health Organization had voiced Zeus and also the manual laborer, and Fred Tatasciore, World Health Organization had voiced Greek deity, came back however failed to play those roles, and instead voiced the characters Theseus and mythical creature, severally. Corey Burton assumed the role of Zeus, having antecedently voiced the character within the 1998 film producer animated film Hercules: Zero to Hero and also the resulting animated series Hercules. renowned actors archangel Clarke Duncan and Leigh-Allyn Baker Lent their voices for the characters Atlas and Lakhesis, severally. Actor Harry Hamlin was chosen to voice the character Perseus owing to his previous portrayal of a similar character within the 1981 motion-picture show Clash of the Titans. though removed early within the game’s development, Cam Clarke is attributable for the voice of Hercules. Keythe Farley was the voice director aboard dagger Zimmerman and Gordon Hunt.

Gameplay of God of war 2

God of War 2 is AN action-adventure game with hack and slash parts. it is a third-person single-player computer game viewed from a hard and fast camera perspective. The player controls the character Kratos in combo-based combat, platforming, and puzzle game parts, and battles foes United Nations agency primarily stem from Greek mythology, together with harpies, minotaurs, Gorgons, griffins, cyclopes, cerberuses, Sirens, satyrs, and nymphs. alternative monsters were created specifically for the sport, together with undead legionnaires, ravens, undead barbarians, beast lords, fanatical hounds, wild boars, and therefore the army of divinity, together with sentries, guardians, juggernauts, and high monks. several of the mix attacks employed in God of War re-emerge, and therefore the game options over double the number of boss fights and tougher puzzles than the first. Platforming parts need the player to climb walls and ladders, jump across chasms, swing on ropes, and balance across beams to proceed through sections of the sport. Some puzzles area unit straightforward, like moving a box in order that the player will use it as a start to access a pathway unapproachable with traditional jumping, whereas others area unit a lot of complicated, like finding many things across totally different areas of the sport to unlock one door.

In addition to the regular health, magic, and skill chests that area unit found throughout the sport world, there area unit 3 Uber Chests to be found. 2 of those chests give a further increment to the Health and Magic Meters, severally, and therefore the third chest contains AN abundance of red and gold orbs. many urns are hidden within the game (e.g., the Urn of Gaia) that, upon completion of the sport, unlocks special talents (e.g., unlimited magic) to be used throughout bonus play.

Characters of God of war 2

God of War 2

Kratos in God of war 2: the most protagonist of the sport. At the beginning of God of War 2, Kratos is that the God of War once defeating Ares however not being free from his torment created his sorrow boil into hate and anger for the Gods. He turns to his mortal army of Sparta to wage war on cities across the lands of Hellenic Republic, that raises the anger of Zeus and therefore the alternative gods. Soon, he finds he’s betrayed by Zeus and reduced to a mortal and his powers square measure bumped off from him. Kratos should then travel the Sisters of Fate to precise revenge, take back his godly powers and destroy Zeus once and for all.

Athena in God of war 2: The divinity of knowledge, defensive war and business, and therefore the deuteragonist. although a relentless companion within the 1st game, Pallas Athena solely seems 3 times; to warn Kratos his actions square measure infuriating the opposite gods, whereas channeling herself through a sculpture, and to save lots of Zeus by stepping within the approach of Kratos’ killing blow.

Gaia in God of war 2: Mother of the Titans, and connected to any or all things of the world and life. together with the opposite Titans, she was banished within the War of the Titans, and seeing Kratos’ go after revenge on Zeus, offers to lend her power to his cause. She helps Kratos throughout his journey in hopes that along they’ll bring forth the autumn of Mt. Olympus. She conjointly acts because the verbalizer of the sport.

Last Spartan in God of war 2: Kratos 1st meets the Last Spartan once he climbs out from the Underworld before taking to Pegasus. Kratos tells the Last Spartan to travel back to Sparta and prepare the troops for battle. Kratos later encounters the Last Spartan before his battle with the Kraken and inadvertently battles him. once the fight begins, Kratos is unaware that it’s his own Spartan lieutenant because of the darkness within the area. The battle is notable for being conferred in a very 2D-style gameplay. Kratos finishes the battle by throwing the Spartan through the window right down to the bottom, wherever he discovers the identity of Associate in Nursing already mortally wounded soul. The Last Spartan tells Kratos that Zeus has destroyed Sparta in Kratos’ absence which he was on a search to the Sisters of Fate to alter Sparta’s fate.

Lahkesis in God of war 2: the center (matron) of the 3 Sisters of Fate bears a feathered gown and wings together with a workers. She mocks Kratos by telling him that she was the one answerable for deciding each the defeat of the Titans within the World War 1 and belongings Kratos reach the Sisters. She refuses to just accept Kratos and tells him that he can fail in his quest to alter his fate.

Atropos in God of war 2: The oldest (crone) Sister of Fate WHO was within Lakhesis till she split off to fight Kratos. She mocked Kratos’ conceive to modification his fate, demonstrating her power by sterilization the event from the primary God of War and making an attempt to destroy the Blade of the Gods so Kratos would die by Ares’ hand. Kratos is forced to fight in his own past (with the ultimate battle of the primary game raging within the background) so as to defeat her and preserve his existence.

Clotho in God of war 2: The youngest (maiden) Sisters of Fate that Kratos encounters, though she bears no alikeness to her sisters. She may be a morbidly weighty silkworm-like creature with multiple arms and breasts that sits among the multi-leveled Loom Chamber. She spins the thread of each mortal, god and titan. Kratos should defeat Clotho and find out how to figure the loom so as to kill Zeus and alter his fate.

: The King of {olympus|Olympus|Mount Mt. Olympus|Mt. Olympus|Olimbos|mountain peak} and therefore the gods WHO created the Blade of Olympus, and therefore the main antagonist of the sport. he’s the daddy of Ares, Pallas Athena and Kratos. He betrays Kratos within the starting of the second game.


Colossus of Rhodes: the primary boss within the game. it’s delivered to life by Zeus (disguised within the kind of Associate in Nursing eagle) United Nations agency drains Kratos’ power and provides it to the sculpture. As Kratos fights his means through town, the Colossus makes an attempt to destroy him. Kratos eventually fights the Colossus from among. once Kratos drains the colossus’ power mistreatment the Blade of Olimbos it begins to collapse. Kratos escapes through the mouth onto a platform. he’s then crushed and nearly killed by the hand of the falling colossus.

Dark Rider: These individual pilots the Dark mythical monster and is that the leader of mythical monster Riders. Armed with the Spear of Destiny, he protects the Island of Creation from any trespassers. Kratos fights him within the sky close to the island, and kills the Rider mistreatment his own Spear of Destiny.

Theseus: A illustrious Greek hero, he wields a twin-bladed spear and might summon ice crystals and Frost Minotaur’s. He serves the Sisters of Fate because the ‘Horse master’ for the glory of Zeus and keeps the key to the chapels on the backs of the Steeds of your time. Kratos offers Theseus’ life in exchange for the key he possesses for the door; but Theseus challenges Kratos to a duel to the death to prove United Nations agency the best individual in Greece is. when Associate in Nursing extended battle, Kratos uses Theseus’ own spear against him by impaling him to the door, mistreatment the key to open the door, then repeatedly smashing the door on his head till he dies.

Barbarian King: one in all the characters from the first game to come back, the Barbarian King was seen repeatedly through the cutscenes in this game as Kratos’ individual United Nations agency nearly defeated him, forcing Kratos to form a treaty with Ares. Kratos is seen decapitating the King within the 1st game, however during this game he’s a strong undead, a body riding a decrepit horse. He tells Kratos he’s glad that Weird Sisters granted him this last duel with Kratos for revenge. when Kratos knocks the King off his horse and kills it, he uses his own hammer against him, smashing his head till it’s nothing however a bloody stain. In another throwback to the first game, the ship captain whom Kratos left to die within the Hydra is one in all the souls the Barbarian King summons along side his Barbarian Mercenaries. If you kill the captain, it marks the third time within the series you let him die. The second being once you encounter him within the Underworld within the 1st game and kick him into the River Styx.

Mole Cerberus: A black, three-headed hound that’s quicker, stronger and might breathe hearth, Kratos discovers it’s consumed mythical being (of the Argonauts) and therefore the fleece alongside him. Kratos should retrieve the fleece from among the beast. He 1st stabs 2 of the heads then sticks his hand within the last ones mouth splitting the fleece and his guts from inside him killing him.

Euryale: This immortal being is Medusa’s sister, a way larger, heavier mythical creature. She needs to revenge the death of her sister, United Nations agency was slain by Kratos within the original God of War, and to induce revenge for all of the opposite Gorgons Kratos has killed. She praises the Sisters of Fate for luring Kratos to her temple. Her fossilization energy is red, as hostile most alternative Gorgons’ energy being inexperienced. Kratos struggles along with her initially however finally decapitates her. once defeated, her head may be wont to flip enemies to stone. this can be kind of like “Medusa’s Gaze” from the primary game.

Perseus: The Greek hero seems to get on his own quest to hunt the Sisters of Fate, to bring his love (presumably Andromeda) back from the dead. Perseus uses the Helmet of Hades that creates him invisible, a sling, a sword, and a reflective protect, all of that he received from numerous gods. He {attempts|makes Associate in Nursing attempt|tries} to kill Kratos basic cognitive process that the confrontation may be a check to prove his price for an audience with the Sisters (or a minimum of he will loves the glory of execution Kratos). Kratos should 1st destroy his helmet to get rid of his physical property then break his weapon system into items, at that purpose Perseus is down solely to his sling and therefore the dazzling magic of his protect. when weakening Perseus, Kratos smashes his head into a wall, drowns him into cognitive state then takes Perseus’s protect and throws him through a wall into a hook, killing him instantly.

Icarus: Kratos runs into Associate in Nursing aged mythical being upon reaching the good opening. He seems to own lost his saneness, reacting violently to Kratos’ arrival. This causes a tussle that takes them each over the sting. Kratos manages to tear away his wings, inflicting the previous man to fall to his death, whereas Kratos lands on the Titan Atlas.

Last Spartan: in a very dark area, Kratos duels Associate in Nursing unknown individual, who, once mortally wounded, is unconcealed to be his deputy, the young Spartan general.

Kraken: seems when the battle with the Spartan. At now Kratos has been through most that he offers up fighting and can not elevate his blades. He currently believes he cannot amendment his fate and desires Zeus to face him at that terribly moment. this permits the Kraken to firmly grab hold of Kratos United Nations agency continues to be maddened. Kratos regains his fighting spirit when being convinced by Gaea (in the shape of Kratos’ wife) that he are going to be everlastingly littered with Zeus unless he modifies his fate. when many rounds of battling the beast, Kratos stabs its tentacles, knock it off balance, and uses a lever to increase a bridge, causing the bridge straight through the Kraken’s mouth, killing it.

Sisters of Fate: so as to use the Loom to vary his past, Kratos should battle the 3 Sisters of Fate that area unit defensive it, frightened that Kratos can bring doom to the planet ought to he use it.

Lahkesis: Confronts Kratos alone making an attempt to kill him employing a combination of battle royal attacks and magic with the employment of her workers.

Atropos: seems once Lahkesis is bested by Kratos. She seems from among her sister. Greek deity carries Kratos through the mirror back to the time once Kratos fought Ares. She threatens that she may kill Kratos within the past by destroying the weapon system he wont to kill Ares. Kratos defeats Greek deity, transportation each of them back to Lahkesis’ throne area.

Both Lakhesis and Greek deity fight against Kratos. He defeats them by throwing them into one in all their inter-dimensional mirrors, so destroying it, erasing the sisters from the world’s timeline.

Clotho: the ultimate sister, awaits Kratos many levels away. whereas Kratos makes his thanks to her head he disables 5 of her smaller arms obstruction his far. Once at the highest level, he disables her 2 main arms, giving him time to refer an enormous swinging blade. With this blade he impales Clotho through her head killing the last of the Sisters of Fate, granting him the facility to vary the past.

Zeus: when mistreatment the Loom to come back to the purpose in time wherever Zeus drives the Blade of Olimbos into Kratos, Kratos should fight Zeus for management of the blade so as to vary his future. Toward the tip of the battle, Kratos uses each Athena’s Blades and therefore the Blade of Olimbos to bring him down. when Associate in Nursing violent storm attack from Zeus, Kratos tricks Zeus by telling that he offers up, permitting Zeus to kill him. Kratos, with the employment of the fleece, reverses Zeus’ attack and uses the Blade of Olimbos to just about kill him, till Athena interferes. Kratos, whereas making an attempt to run Zeus through with the Blade, accidentally impales Athena instead, United Nations agency threw herself within the path of the killing blow, mortally wounding her, whereas Zeus escapes, showing neither regret nor compassion for his fallen daughter.


Rhodes Soldier: These warriors area unit mere mortals and aren’t any match even for weakened Kratos.

Rhodes Archer: Archers of the Rhodes army.

Undead Legionnaire: The undead warriors come back, however not as was common as in God of War.

Undead Archer: Undead human with a bow returns.

Cursed Legionnaire: The strongest version of the Undead Legionnaires come back in God of War 2.

Cursed Archer: The strongest version of the Undead Archers.

Legionnaire Captain: the foremost powerful kind of Legionnaires come back in God of War 2.

Hades Legionnaire: the various version of Legionnaire Captain returns.

Fates Sentry: The Satyr-like worshipers of Fate, and also the commonest enemies of the sport.

Fates Guardian: The strongest version of Fates watcher.

Hades Fiend: Dangerous female undead warriors that may produce fireballs, and throw them from a distance.

Cursed Remains: These resurrected skeletons will solely be defeated by being utterly shattered.

Fates Juggernaut: large, hulky dependant of Fates armed with a flail.

Hades Juggernaut: the various version of Fates Juggernaut.

Wraith of Athens: These undead abominations, already notable by Kratos, area unit once more his enemies.

Wraith of Asphodel: The strongest version of the phantasma of Athens.

Satyr: Powerful warriors armed with a employees, coming back from God of War.

Satyr Champion: The strongest version of the quality Satyr.

Beast Lord: tiny, however dangerous Satyr-like servant of Fates. It will summon Cyclops, and take charge over them.

Barbarian Mercenary: Undead Barbarians.

High Priest of the Fates: These enemies area unit spell-casters United Nations agency will transport, summon additional enemies, and drain Kratos’ magic, creating the task to kill them tougher.

Harpy: the quality Harpy come back in God of War 2.

Cursed Harpy: The strongest version of the quality Harpy.

Hades Harpy: Harpy lined in flames.

Nymph: the little, flying enemies that sleep in hives.

Hades Nymph: The exploding version of the quality Nymph.

Minotaur Grunt: the quality mythical monster come back in God of War 2.

Erebus mythical monster: Minotaur lined in ice.

Hades Minotaur: These fat Minotaurs area unit in contrast to the opposite members of their kind.

Titan Minotaur: The strongest of Kratos’ enemies on Island of Creation, these ancient, stone beasts area unit formidable opponents. solely 3 area unit encountered throughout the sport.

Cyclops Tyrant: Unarmed Cyclops.

Cyclops Berserker: Cyclops with a large stalk.

Cyclops Brute: Cyclops with a large jawbone.

Gorgon: the quality mythical monster come back in God of War 2.

Gorgon Assassin: A additional dangerous version of the quality mythical monster.

Gorgon Queen: the foremost powerful kind of mythical monster found in God of War Series.

Desert Siren: These singing beasts already created associate degree look in God of War.

Siren Widow: The Sirens of Island of Creation area unit completely different from those Kratos encountered earlier.

Wild mythical monster: Cerberus with horns within the middle head.

Mole mythical monster: The strongest version of the Wild Cerberus.

Cerberus Breeder: the quality mythical monster come back in God of War 2.

Rabid Hound: Monstrous dogs that guards the Island of Creation.

Cerberus Seed: The puppy-like fiendish dogs come back in God of War 2.

Wild Boar: Aggressive creatures native to the Island of Creation.

Griffin: large creature that patrol the waters round the Island of Creation.

Griffin Rider: The pilot of the Griffins.

Raven: distinctive creatures (and challenges) Kratos faces and kills throughout the ride on Pegasus. These large birds tried to create Kratos fall off his mount, however he eventually jumped on its back and poor its neck.

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