Elara Greek Mythology: The Myth and Legends
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Elara Greek Mythology: The Myth and Legends

Elara was a mortal woman in Greek mythology who became the lover of Zeus. She bore him a son, Tityus, who was so large that he threatened to break his mother’s back. Zeus killed him with a lightning bolt, but not before he had fathered another child, Orion, with Poseidon’s daughter Euryale.

Elara’s name means ‘the wide-ranging one, and she was said to be the daughter of either Coeus and Phoebe or Atlas and Pleione. She lived on the island of Crete, where she met Zeus. He was so taken with her that he disguised himself as an eagle and abducted her.

Zeus kept Elara hidden in a cave on Mount Ida, where she bore him two sons: Tityus and Orion.

Who Was Elara in Greek Mythology?

Elara was a figure in Greek mythology who was the wife of Zeus. She was the mother of the giant Tityus. Elara was said to have been so beautiful that Zeus fell in love with her and decided to make her his mistress. This angered Hera, who sent snakes to kill Elara and Tityus.

Her Story: Describe the story of Elara, including her relationship with Zeus

In Greek mythology, Elara was a giantess and the lover of Zeus. She was the mother of the giant Tityus.

Elara lived in a time when the Titans ruled the world. One day, she caught the eye of Zeus, who was drawn to her beauty and strength. Zeus courted Elara and eventually won her heart. The two became lovers and had a child together, a giant named Tityus.

Tityus grew up to be a strong and powerful giant, but he was also cruel and violent. Eventually, he angered the gods too much and they sentenced him to eternal torture in Tartarus. Elara mourned her son’s fate, but she still loved Zeus deeply. Elara had heard of the great hero Hercules, who was known for slaying monsters and giants. One day, she went to Hercules’ home on Mount Olympus to plead for her son’s release from Tartarus. Hercules was honored by her visit, but he explained that his power was limited. Even though Hercules was the son of Zeus and a great hero, he could not free Tityus from Tartarus on his own.

Elara was saddened by this news, but she decided to see if other gods could help her.

Elara went to the temple of Aphrodite on Mount Olympus and asked for her aid. Aphrodite agreed to help Elara. She gave Elara a beautiful golden apple that would give her strength and courage when she needed it most. Elara took the apple and went to the home of Zeus. She was afraid, but she knew she had to continue with this quest for her son’s sake. Elara approached the gates to Olympus. When she got to the gate, Hermes was guarding it. He said that he would not let her in until she told him what she wanted with Zeus. Elara told Hermes that she had come to ask Zeus for the return of her son. Hermes said that he would take her message, but first, she must give him something. Elara knew what he wanted and gave him Aphrodite’s golden apple.

Hermes took the apple and placed it in a small bag. He then told Elara to wait at the gate while he went to the palace.

As Hermes was walking through the palace, he noticed Aphrodite had returned.

Hermes walked up to Aphrodite and told her what Elara had done. Aphrodite was furious. She grabbed Hermes’ bag and took the golden apple out of it. Then she went to Elara and told her that Zeus would not see her, but he had given her the apple as a gift. Elara said she did not want it, so Aphrodite threw it back to Hermes, who was still standing in the palace. Hermes picked it up and gave it to Elara. He told her she could have it, but if she ever tried to enter the palace again, she would be killed.

As Hermes was walking through the palace, he noticed Aphrodite had returned. Hermes walked up to Aphrodite and asked her where she had been. Aphrodite told Hermes that she had been to Mount Olympus to visit Zeus. She said that Zeus had told her that there was a new goddess in Olympus and her name was Elara. Aphrodite said she was very curious about this new goddess so she went to meet her. Elara was very beautiful and Aphrodite could see why Zeus was interested in her. Aphrodite told Hermes that Elara was very kind and caring. Aphrodite said she wished that if Zeus had to have a new love interest, at least he picked someone good and kind. Hermes asked Aphrodite if she knew what type of person Elara’s father was. Aphrodite said she didn’t know much about Elara’s father. She said that Elara had been raised by her father and she never talked about her mother.

Significance of Elara in Greek Mythology

Elara was a minor character in Greek mythology, but she played an important role in the story of Zeus. She was the mother of the giant Tityus, who was killed by Zeus for trying to rape Hera. Elara’s name means ‘the wide one’, which may be a reference to her being the mother of a giant.

Elara’s story reminds us that even minor characters can have a significant impact on the stories of major gods and heroes. It also shows that even mothers of monsters can be gentle and loving, as Elara is said to have been a very caring mother to Tityus.

Conclusion: Summarize the article

Elara was a Titaness in Greek mythology who was associated with the moon. She was the mother of the giant Tityus by Zeus. Zeus hid Elara from his wife Hera by placing her beneath the earth. Her name may be derived from the Greek word for “hidden”.

Elara’s story is not as well-known as some of the other Titans, but she plays an important role in Greek mythology. As the mother of Tityus, she is indirectly responsible for his death. Tityus was killed by Apollo after he tried to rape Hera. This story highlights the power of Hera and her ability to protect herself, even against giants.

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